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21+ with valid license to rent.

18+ with valid license to drive.

Can I bring my own Golf cart?

Is it electric and insured?- YES

Is it gas?- NO

ATV/UTV- Click Here

how long is a rental for?

1 day rental= You pick it up at 3pm, return by noon the following day.

*2 night rental required on weekend

*3 night required on holiday weekend

How much does it cost?

For 2022, prices range from $65 to $100 per day depending on the type of golf cart and day of the week. Bringing your own golf cart is $20 per stay.

How to rent a golf cart:

Call our office at 715-597-2102 to request a golf cart.

You will need to know your reservation number, how many days you would like to rent it for, and what type of golf cart you would prefer. A 50% deposit is required at time of booking. The cancellation policy is the same for golf carts as sites. Please read our full list of policies before renting a golf cart. 

Please note that we have a limited number of golf carts available. It is highly suggested that you rent a golf cart before your arrival; most weekends we do not have any golf carts available by check-in time. 

Types of Golf Cart Rentals

Photo Jun 14, 2 25 29 PM (1).jpg

Morey Mobile

These new colorful golf carts are decked out in Morey the Moose decals! They have extra features like seat belts, blinkers, an extended roof, and longer battery life.

*There is no guarantee on which color golf cart you will receive at pick up. 


Limo Cart

We have two limo golf carts available for rent! With an extra row of seating, you'll have room for the whole family! Our Limo cart is a Morey Mobile with one extra row of seating. 

Golf Cart Rate

*Friday & Saturday must be rented together. 3 night minimum on Holiday weekends- weekend rate applies to all 3 nights.

No discounts apply. 50% deposit is taken at the time of reservations and payment in full is due 14 days prior to arrival. Cancellation policy is same as sites- requires a 14 day notice or no refund. Golf cart pick-up time is 3pm on day of rental. Return time is 12pm. Golf carts cannot be picked up early or dropped off late without an extra fee. This window of time is needed between renting to ensure golf carts are in proper working order and charged. 

Pick Up: 3pm
Return: 12pm
OWN golf cart
Do you own a Golf Cart? 
Campers are permitted to bring in their own ELECTRIC golf cart. No gas golf carts are permitted.
You must register your golf cart prior to arrival with reservation staff.
$20 Fee, per golf cart, per stay
This fee covers office registration and electricity fees for a golf cart for a consecutive stay.
To Register your electric golf cart:
  • Upon booking, please alert us of your personal golf cart. It must be an electric golf cart and fully insured. Submit your insurance information for your golf cart and pay the $20 fee- per stay.
  • Upon arrival, you will sign our rules agreement and receive golf cart wristband(s) and a registration sticker​​. Every driver must be 18 years+ and bring their driver's license to the main office to be registered before they can drive on Stoney Creek property. 
  • Pre-register your golf cart here and upload your golf cart insurance information.
We have the right to refuse/revoke golf cart privileges to all persons. 
Golf Cart Rules
Golf Cart Rules

 All Golf Cart Rules- Personal & Rented:

  1. Operator(s) of golf cart must be 18 years of age and have in their possession a valid driver’s license. Each driver must register in the office before they can drive on Stoney Creek Property. 

  2. Golf carts must be operated properly & safely.  CAMPGROUND SPEED LIMIT IS 5 MPH.

  3. Golf carts must always remain on the blacktop roads. No driving in the grass.

  4. Do not leave golf carts unattended around children. Always remove the key from the golf cart when not in use.

  5. Golf carts passengers must be in a seat when a cart is in motion.

  6. Golf Carts operated after sunset must have the headlights turned on at all times.

  7. No golf carts can be operated during quite hours (11pm-7am).  

  8. No horseplay, racing, or any other misuse of the golf cart will be tolerated.

  9. Anyone abusing the rules and regulations will not be permitted to use their golf cart on Stoney Creek Property again and may be required to leave.   

Rental Cart Rules/Reminders:

  1. Renters must be at least 21 years old with a valid driver's license to rent a golf cart.

  2. Renter is 100% responsible for all damages and liabilities.

  3. Golf carts must always remain at Stoney Creek RV Resort, and on the blacktop roads. Golf Carts cannot leave our
    property for any reason- this includes driving on Oak Grove Road. No driving in the grass.

  4. Golf carts are to be plugged in EACH NIGHT. Renter is responsible for charging golf cart, returning a golf cart with a dead battery will result in an extra fee.

  5. A lost key replacement fee will be $25.00

  6. Report any malfunctions to the office immediately.  Stop golf cart and pull it off to the side of the roadway immediately, remove the key and notify the office.

  7. Any violation of the following will be cause for immediate loss of rental privileges:  Underage drivers, invalid or no driver’s license, reckless driving, driving under the influence of alcohol.

  8. There will be no refunds made if the cart has to be returned because of Renter misuse.


All rules, rates, and taxes are subject to change.

See a front desk associate at check in for an updated list of rules and regulations. 

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