We picked our winners! Thank you for participating in Morey Stor(e)ys! 


- 2 Night RV Site Rental

- 2 Day Standard Golf Cart Rental

- 4 All Stay Wristbands

- 4 Bundles of Firewood

- S'more Package with Marshmallows,

Graham Crackers and Chocolate 

-Site Visit from Morey the Moose


Larissa's Morey Storey

Every year on the same weekend, you will find 3 moms from all different backgrounds and a pack of wild children loading their minivans and station wagons, leaving all sanity behind, and heading off to celebrate the start of summer with a camping trip. These 3 moms do an annual getaway not only to prove it to their children that they are capable of a weekend camping, chopping firewood, and wrestling bears ;-) but to themselves as well. This annual trip gives these 3 moms a chance to bond and swap parenting tips, build relationships with kids and stepkids, and grow the friendships between families.

This year, due to a lot of personal issues, and small budgets, this annual "Mom and Kid Trip" was almost cancelled (a lack of planning, and our usual campground/resort being booked didn't help). Here's where we stumbled upon Stoney Creek RV Resort during a panicked late night google session, and you have 3 moms heading out to take a chance on a new experience and a new resort.

What awaited us was something we never would have expected. Instead of a weekend away from home being a stressful, boring, dirty, expensive endeavor, we ended up having the time of our lives! Within minutes of our arrival, the kids were begging for us to return to Stoney Creek for next summer's trip. I'm not sure if it was the pizza delivery to our site, the wristbands that gave our kids a taste of freedom with mini-golf and the jumping pillow, the 25 cent cones by the pool, the laser tag, the nightly entertainment, or the comfortable and clean amenities around every corner... but we all loved every minute of our time together at Stoney Creek. Finding it was a safe, affordable, family-friendly, beautiful place just added to our love for Stoney Creek! Our kids will have the memories of gagaball, Morey the Moose sightings, hours of swimming, basketball games, and foam parties as the best start to their summer. And the moms will remember a carefree and easy weekend with mimosas, Bloody Mary's, homemade donuts, and lots of shopping in the store as their memories. Where years past our camping trips have left us feeling like it was another commitment to cross off the calendar until we HAVE to do it again next year, everything at Stoney Creek (from the friendly staff to those Long John sprinkle donuts) has left us looking forward to when we GET to go back! We'll see you next year! Thanks for making our mom and kid camping trip such an incredible time!!

Courtney's Morey Storey

Stoney Creek has always been full of firsts for our family.   As a child, I personally have never gone camping as it was not something my parents ever did with us, but my husband had always been camping.  My husband and I started dating in high school when we were just 15 years old and this was one of the first camp grounds he ever took me too!  We have so many memories of camping and continue to make more every year.  We camp at Stoney Creek at least 2-3 times a year and always do a week long camping trip with our extended family.   This year we stayed a week with over 5 campers and 20 plus people.   What could be better than 7 days with family! 
As we look back to when we first started camping at Stoney Creek we have some great stories about playing games, mini golfing and my cousin falling down the big hill on his scooter.   We have always gone back to Stoney Creek because it has always been family and kid orientated, clean, and a nice campground. When Stoney Creek started running under new ownership these fundamental reasons of returning did not go away; Stony Creek has always been exceptionally clean, well kept and family orientated as they continue to grow and add more activities to the campground that bring us back every year.
What once was a starting point for me and my boyfriend 15 years ago is now a place that we not only go together but go with our two children. Stony Creek is something our son looks forward to every year and our daughter can’t stop talking about after we leave. It is where my son first learned how to swim, jump in the water by himself and
swimunder water.   Just this week he was brave enough to take a picture with Morey the Moose! He loves all the fun activities that this campground has to offer, the foam and mini golfing.   As for our daughter, this is where she also first learned how to swim and jump in with a life jacket and also how to ride a bike with training wheels.   She loves the swimming pool, the train and jumping pillow. 
forus we love that the camp ground is always well kept and clean, that they work so hard to provide fun activities for our kids and that it is in a safe and friendly location.   We have some funny memories of loosing everything on deal or no deal and also winning big!  We have a good track record of winning site decorating contests during July Fourth and Halloween weeks and always come trick or treating in October!  We enjoy sitting by the fire and staying up late playing cards, but most of all we enjoy spending the time with our family and watching them laugh and grow in the outdoors.   Stoney Creek has filled our hearts with so many firsts and memories that will last a life time



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