RVs... What's what?

Travel Trailers, Fifth Wheels, Pop Ups, Motorhomes- Class A, B, C... is your head spinning yet? If you are new to camping, you might not know what is what in the camping unit universe. Well, we have put together a basic guide just for you. There are two basic categories when it comes to RVs: Towable and Motorized. Towable A towable RV is pulled by a vehicle to its camping destination. Depending on the type of towable RV, the size of the vehicle needed varies. There are many variations of towable RVS; for the basic overview of towable RVs, we will review travel trailers, fifth wheel travel trailers, truck campers, and pop up travel trailers. Travel Trailers: The travel trailer is the most pop

Ultimate Packing List

When going camping for the first time, the idea of packing can be daunting. We have gathered up a list of items for our ultimate packing list. Obviously some of the items on this list aren't needed by every camper. This list should give you a good idea and you can personalize it for your own camping needs. If you have any suggestions on what every camper should bring along camping, leave us a comment below! Shelter- (for tenters) __Tent __Ground cloth/tarp __Extra stakes __Axe or hammer __Mat for tent entrance Bedding __Sleeping bag __Sheets/blankets __Pillow __Air mattress __Air pump __Repair kit for air mattress Cooking __Coolers/ice __Thermos __fuel/propane __Matches/lighter

Camping 101

Camping can be a beautiful and fun experience for anyone, if it's done right. Camping does not have to be a mountain climbing, deep woods, dodging bears adventure. You can make it as strenuous, as you please, but the average camper just wants a weekend away from the chaos of life. So if this sounds like you but you don't know where to start... follow these steps. 1. What type of camping vacation are you looking for? A quick weekend away with the family, a quiet place for yourself, a couple's retreat, a place to enjoy the great outdoors? Answer this question first, everything else will depend on it. 2. Location, Location, Location. Now that you know what you are trying to achieve, you can pi

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